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I came on the lecture of Vladyka Moses 8 years ago. I was almost 13 years old. I liked to listen about God, about spiritual laws according to which the world was created and according to which people must live to be in harmony with God, to be happy despite all trials and problems. Vladyka talked about lofty matters, but it was so simple for me, for the 13-th year's old teenager, that everything was clear, and it was not just clear, but also very interesting. In the short period of time I learned how to communicate with my Guardian Angel who helps me in my everyday life very much.

But the main thing was not even that invaluable knowledge, which certainly helps me very much until now. All my conscious life I have been growing up without a father. In my domestic and school surrounding I did not find a man on which I could try to equal the best. When you got to know God it becomes difficult to be among people to which only the word "God" seems something distant, incomprehensible and funny....

So I needed the guide, I needed to feel a strong father hand which would help to step on a way of the grown-up life. I searched this guide among teachers, relatives, senior pupils and friends. But I couldn't find. All of them were one-legged. Created for myself the certain ideal of the man, whom I wanted to be, I did not see him physically. I met him nowhere - neither in the street nor on a television set.

Searching I continued to visit the lectures of Patriarch Moses. His divine wisdom, simplicity with which he talked about God, his light courage and stories about the fight for the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church in 90s, persecutions of the KGB and forced emigration abroad - this all caused in me sincere, unbelievable admiration of such man like Moses, whom I have never met before. He seemed to me an unattainable superhero. I finally understood that I always dreamed exactly about such father. But I have never had an idea that once I would have a desire to look like a priest. During all my life I haven't seen a lot of clerics, but it was a sufficient experience for me. Fat, dirty and certainly wicked old men with frowzy beards - well what could they teach me? Vladyka Moses is a great contrast to them: always neatly dressed, calm; he listened to you with pleasure and tried to help everybody having problems who came to him.

In a few years our community went to Uzhgorod to lay the foundation of the future temple. At that time I have already entered the university and I did not already look like that scared teenager whom I was, when I saw Moses for the first time. His lectures and examples from his own life became for me a clear pointer which I tried to follow in my own life. So, in Uzhgorod, for me another side of Patriarch was opened, that finally consolidated his authority.

Have you ever met the priest who builds the church by his own hands?
Have you ever met the priest who worries every minute about his flock, about the faithful of his Church?

Of course I knew that Vladyka Moses had a great knowledge from God, that he was a tireless fighter for the independent God's Church. But to say, that I was surprised seeing that he works by his own hands physically and not for his own sake, but for the people of Ukraine, building a temple which in the future will be a spiritual oasis for Ukraine - it is to say nothing.

Then I understood for myself that probably the mission of this man is to build the Body of Christ on Earth - Spiritually: to return the human souls to the life; Physically: to lay the churches in which the sincere Christians will pray. It is the place of staying of Christ on Earth.

So, when more than a year ago this awful campaign was started against Vladyka, I firmly decided for myself: why must I trust those dirty priests and corrupted officials? I'd rather be faithful to myself, to my soul, to my thoughts, to what I saw with my own eyes during eight years. Moses is a man who has helped me to find my place in this life, that not to be like a lot of people who is ready to betray their nature for the money, not speaking about principles which they do not have. Patriarch Moses is a brave man who is afraid of nobody except God. He believes in his mission for this world - to carry the God's Truth to people; he is not afraid of the persons who hate him and envy him, because he prays for them and wishes them stop doing evil things. He prays for those, who are obsessed with evil, they ready to think of any nonsense against him, Moses, to lead astray our credulous people from the Divine way.

You know, I want to be such man as Vladyka Moses. I am not afraid of tomorrow, because I know that I have chosen right Way of Life. And you, who have believed in all that foulness and even was not able to watch the Patriarch's sermons to make sure in his spiritual height, how will you live tomorrow, roaming by the Road of Death? In fact for your life filled with darkness of ignorance and sufferings of sin on that Road of Death.

Andriy L.

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